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We help timeshare owners get rid of their timeshares. We are NOT a resale or donation company. We work with timeshare companies to dissolve your contract.

Done. Over with. Forever.

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How We Do It

Timeshare companies are legally forbidden from using strong-arm tactics to sell a timeshare to you. Many timeshare companies use lies and intimidation to defraud you, which is illegal. Our company confronts them with legal action, which compels them to dissolve your contract, legally, forever.

Did your timeshare salesman:

Pitch you for more than 90 minutes?
Invite you to a free dinner or event, which turned into a sales pitch?
Promise you that your timeshare would increase in value over time?
Promise you that you would be able to sell your timeshare whenever you want?
Promise that they would buy it back from you when you desired, no questions asked?

These tactics are legally considered COERCION and FRAUD, which are illegal. If your timeshare company did not follow through with their promises, then they can be held legally accountable.

Perhaps you liked your timeshare, and got good use out of it. After all, not everyone hates their timeshare, and not everyone was hoodwinked by unscrupulous timeshare companies.

But when you die, you'll pass your timeshare off to your children, who may not want it. When you purchase a timeshare, you're signing a perpetual contract that not even death can escape. Your timeshare will pass on to your descendants, unless you get rid of it.

That's where we come in.

Who We Are

Photos of Brandon Reed and Trevor Hein, founders of Timeshare Exit Team. We are Brandon Reed and Trevor Hein of ReedHein & Associates, a consumer advocacy firm. We live and work in Washington State and British Columbia, where our children go to school and our families live. Every morning, we grab a coffee (or tea, in Trevor's case), and head to the office, excited to help victims like you out of your timeshare. Our firm has existing working relationships with timeshare companies that allows us to dissolve your timeshare contract. By the time our legal team is done, timeshare companies willfully annul your contract, rather than deal with us any longer.

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We offer a 100% GUARANTEE that we will get you out of your timeshare, legally, forever.

The deed is TRANSFERRED from your name, permanently.

You are NO LONGER liable for taxes and maintenance fees, forever.

You will NEVER have any legal obligation to your timeshare again.

We have helped thousands of timeshare owners get rid of their timeshares over the years. Our tactics are revolutionary, and we predict they will forever transform the timeshare industry in a positive way. Learn more.